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czwartek, 11 września 2014

Dutch Campaign Aims to See Bitcoin Classified as Money

Euros and the law

Bitcoin company Bitonic has launched a crowdfunded campaign to support efforts to define bitcoin as money in the Netherlands.
The campaign has been dubbed Bitcoin is Geld (literally: ‘bitcoin is money’) and has so far raised more than 30 BTC. The cause enjoys the support of the Dutch Bitcoin Foundation and law firm SOLV.
Bitcoin is Geld will use the funds to promote legislation beneficial to bitcoin users in the Netherlands, effectively defining bitcoin as money in the country.
The campaign website indicates that the campaign was formed after a Dutch judge stated that bitcoin is not considered ‘real’ money and it now plans to take “the judge’s statement to a higher court by giving reasons as to why bitcoin should be defined as money”.
It states:
“Labelling bitcoin as a medium of exchange instead of money could have a big impact on individuals and companies who are engaged with this virtual currency. With this campaign, Bitonic and the community examines the question as to what could be expected if bitcoin, by law, would be treated the same as money.”

Highlighting pros and cons

The first goal is to raise a minimum of €15,000-worth of bitcoin, with Holland-based Bitonic contributing around a third of that total (10 BTC and €2,500), which will go towards hiring lawyers to spearhead the campaign. If fundraising goes well, other experts will also be taken on board.
The campaign aims to highlight the differences between treating bitcoin as a medium of exchange and treating it as money, which has far-reaching implications for taxation and estate law, as well as anti-money laundering (AML) provisions. As a result, the campaign argues, the regulatory framework should be changed.
“The aim is to point out [the] conclusion that civil law will become more efficient and organized when bitcoin and money are equated. In order to continue this campaign, [the] appeal needs to be funded, by integrating crowdfunding they are hoping to accomplish this goal,” the website states.
Bitconic executive Daan Kleiman explains:
“The current interpretation needs to be changed and improved and this is the reason why we are bringing the case to a higher court. In the first stage, the law firm SOLV will provide the judge with arguments as to why the current interpretation needs to be improved. This first step is the most important one since it requires the judge to reconsider the previously made statements and will hopefully change the current laws and regulations in order to prevent mistakes in future bitcoin-related cases.”
Kleiman argues a victory for bitcoin in the Netherlands would benefit other jurisdictions as well.
“Our campaign has currently been funded for 90+% in a very short time period. We still have more than 50 days to go so we have a very positive outlook towards our goal and are convinced that we will hit the target,” he told CoinDesk.

Calls for community discussion

The Bitcoin is Geld campaign already has its share of critics in the country’s cryptocurrency community, though.
One of them is local bitcoin activist and investor Paul Buitink, who shared his viewsin a video discussion last week (Dutch language), along with fellow critic Martijn Wismeijer and Bitonic’s Pieterjan Goppel and Daan Kleiman.
Buitink later told CoinDesk that he does want bitcoin to be treated like fiat currencies or forex, as that is the only way of making it a truly successful means of exchange. He argues that more relaxed regulation would benefit startups and small companies rather than stifle innovation in the block-chain space.
However, he is not convinced that the campaign is the right way forward:
“With regards to the initiative, I think Bitonic needs to halt it and first have a good and honest discussion with the Dutch bitcoin community that clearly isn’t supporting this to the extent they hoped. The Dutch Bitcoin Foundation, Stichting Bitcoin Nederland, should become more transparent and explain how they’re funded and involved with this.”

wtorek, 9 września 2014

World Primeur. sells Litecoin in ATM's in Nederland

Today it's important day. If Bitcoin is money is Litecoin money as well? 

MrBitcoin is proud to announce:

World First. We start to sell Litecoin in all our ATM's from General Bytes.
You can buy it since today in Amsterdam and Arnhem.

poniedziałek, 8 września 2014

Market Watch – Sept 8th

In terms of sheer volume this week BitsharesX remains the one to watch. However tor based Anonymity player Stealthcoin (XST) has made some stealthcoin_1-625x416interesting strides up an impressive 593.79% from this time last week. While numbers that high usually indicate a quick crash as token holders get out to lock in profits and fund development, Stealthcoin will be one to keep an eye on once it has settled in at it’s new equilibrium.
Bitmark (BTM) gets today’s honors for most improved with an 86.21% bump. Having launched in mid-august it seems they are beginning the now typical early push new tokens are so apt to enjoy. How it fairs after the initial push is always the looming question but for now BTM holders, enjoy the ride.
Riding right behind Bitmark is Qora (QORA) is up 34.92% today and 41.50% for the week. Possiblyqora4 getting a nudge from news of their new trading platform preparing to launch. Fully functional trading platforms being the current soup de jour for the crypto community. Although for my part I’m excited to find out how far along into colored coin development Qora might be. Fungibility concerns not withstanding I am curious to see how that feature will be put to use.
Looking on the downside of things it looks likeMonero (XMR) has slipped a bit despite showing stronger volume than usual. Down a full 18.53% this week, it appears XMR’s price will be settling down a bit after last weeks peek where the market cap touched 7.9 million USD. While at one time I associated them with the Omniwallet race (making them a hot commodity) currently they seem to be in something of a holding pattern. Sitting up at #13 on market cap, XMR is still one to watch.
Following behind Stealthcoin in the most improved (out of the top 100) category is Halcyon(HAL) with a 211.97% jump this week. While HAL’s price seems to have stopped gaining today. Given it’s relatively low volume and difficult to identify innovation I’d be reluctant to move on Halcyon just yet but I’m open to them making me regret saying that in the coming weeks.
For now the usual market dynamic with Bitcoin/Litecoin at the very top and smaller players like Dogecoin nipping at their heels is still in play. Ripple, BitsharesX, and NXT are all still positioned well to make a run at the 2.0 crown but I suspect barring any sudden develops they will remain in their current deathlock until the market can decide who has the better trading platform.
While I’ve already written about my experience with BitsharesX in a two part series, I am currently testing out NXT’s “Secure Asset Exchange” called the SAE.
Find out how NXT’s platform performs in my review coming later this week.

niedziela, 7 września 2014

First 2-way BitXatm in Nederland

Zdjęcie: We just placed the first ever BitXatm at cafe Restaurant Polder in Science Park (Amsterdam) today. The unit is a two way Bitcoin ATM so you can get either Bitcoins out of the machine or sell your coins and get cash out. No difficult verification process, get your cash or coins in 40 seconds! Give it a try, let us know what you think of this brand new model Bitcoin ATM.
We just placed the first ever BitXatm at cafe Restaurant Polder in Science Park 205 (Amsterdam) . The unit is a two way Bitcoin ATM so you can get either Bitcoins out of the machine or sell your coins and get cash out. No difficult verification process, get your cash or coins in 40 seconds! Give it a try, let us know what you think of this brand new model Bitcoin ATM.

piątek, 29 sierpnia 2014

MrBitcoin's zero emission Bitcoin ATM network.

Amsterdam 29-08-2018: As of today, all electricity used by the MrBitcoin ATM network, the MrBitcoin datacenter and even the coffee maker and fridge here in the office is supplied by wind energy from our own windmill. (google maps: )
Should there be a dip in energy production from our windmill, additional renewable energy from wind (42,5%) biomass (41,2%), water (16,2%) and sun (0.2%) is supplied by our electricity company. As soon as we see a permanent increase in power consumption, for example because more ATMs are added to our network every week, more wind-shares will be purchased to compensate for increased electricity consumption.
At MrBitcoin we firmly believe that Bitcoin, especially compared to the existing banking system is a green technology but by greening our Bitcoin operations to use only renewable energy sources we can make even more of a positive statement in the community and hope that other Bitcoin companies will follow soon.
For more information on MrBitcoin visit or visit Windcentrale for more information on our windmill: